El Mejor de


We work to provide excellent products to our customers.


Thanks to our location we have an excellent harvest we can get the best guacamole that comes to countries such as the United States, China, France, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Sweden and Denmark.


The years we have in the market and our experience help us to innovate our processes and be in constant transformation to continue being the best.


Each process is accompanied by cutting-edge technology, complementing with workmanship, guaranteeing export conditions.


We have strategic alliances that help us provide a better service to our customers, always guaranteeing the quality of our products.


We are a 100% Mexican company dedicated to avocado processing. In AVO-KING SA de CV we have given ourselves the task of producing the best avocado and guacamole pulp in the world, using exclusively fresh Hass avocados directly from the gardens, controlling every stage of their process from the tree to its storage in our Freezer for customer delivery.



We are located in the largest Avocado producing region worldwide, with the availability of fruit throughout the year.

Our philosophy


We are a company dedicated to developing avocado products with quality and safety, backed by its work team; meeting the needs of all our customers.


Enter new food markets and position ourselves as a leading company innovating our avocado products.


Passion for what we do and have achieved as a company, the passion has been transmitted by the General Directorate of the company to all the workers that work within it.   

Honesty This value is what gives meaning to the other values ​​because in the absence of this the other values ​​may or may not be true.

Respect We owe each other respect, both personally and ethically and professionally, respecting our ideas, feelings and personalities, as well as our individual and collective work; In addition to treating all partners with simplicity, tolerance and recognition.

Discipline It is having the conviction to carry out our responsibilities and activities in a timely manner, with our own initiative and motivation.

Fraternity Establishes and maintains the bonds of union between each of the people who work within this company, feeling ourselves part of it.