Sustainability: Efforts and goals

At Avo-King we focus on optimizing the management of our resources, promoting sustainable solutions, we do it under two continuously improving guidelines: Self-Assessment and Innovation.

• Decreased Greenhouse Effect: To reduce the waste generated by our chain production, packaging and distribution, in order to do this, we take advantage of the generated waste of the avocado such as the bone and shell, which is reused in other industries, like the production of avocado oil, in the cosmetic industry and organic compost production.

• Water waste Treatment: Committed to the environment, this is why we have invested in a water treatment plant, so that it can returned to the system, clean and without pollutants. On the other hand, the water used in our processes is rich in nutrients and is used as irrigation water of organic crops, obtaining favorable results.

• Transportation and movement within the company is driven by clean energy: Zero emissions, we use gravity conveyors to move product through the various processes and use electric forklifts within the installations.

Our commitment is to advance in sustainable production and to involve the entire supply chain such as producers, packers, suppliers and in general the entire Mexican avocado industry. To deliver a high-quality product with a rich nutrient content and consumption benefits, to be a natural, sustainable and without conservatives in the packaging designed for each market.

We are characterized for being a resilient company, which over time we have adapted to the needs of the market and to the conditions of our main raw material, the avocado.

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