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Good harvest practices, strict control of quality in all our facilities and the best talent ..

In AvoKing

We specialize in developing avocado products, satisfying the quality and safety requirements of our customers through regulatory requirements such as Good Manufacturing Practices (Code of federal regulations of the United States, Europe and Asia for manufacturing, packaging or food handling intended for human consumption) and HACCP or HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), complying with current, internal and external standards ”.

To achieve the trust of our customers, we have implemented a quality and safety management system, continuously improving processes and products, working in teams with our staff, customers and suppliers.

In addition to providing the necessary resources for continuous improvement and training of its staff.

SMETA is an audit procedure developed by Sedex to evaluate ethical performance in supply chains. It is the most widely used ethical audit format worldwide and more than 280,000 SMETA audits have been conducted.

Kosher is a food quality control system according to Jewish standards means “PURE” or “ADEQUATE”, beyond being a brand that identification, it is a guarantee of maximum hygiene.

The BRC standard was created with the dual purpose of ensuring the compliance of suppliers and providing retailers with a tool with which to guarantee the quality and safety of the food products they sell.