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At Avo-King we have high quality products to accompany your favorite dishes or simply enjoy as a snack with some tortilla chips.

Here we share with you some recipes in which you can add a delicious Avo-King Guacamole.


This recipe is an excellent option for a quick and nutritious breakfast.


For this recipe we recommend Avo-King Organic

– Creamy panela cheese

– 4 whole wheat breads

– 1 sliced tomato

– Salt and pepper to taste

– 1 egg (optional)


– Toast the slices of bread.

– Add the Avo-King Organic guacamole to them

– Followed by some tomato slices

– Salt and pepper to taste

– Add the panela cheese

– On top, you can add an egg to taste


The hamburger with guacamole recipe is to give that Mexican twist to the hamburger, you will be surprised how good the guacamole is on the hamburger.


For this recipe we recommend our Avo Great brand in spicy for a little spicy flavor.

– 6 hamburger buns

– 800 grams of ground beef, for the hamburger

– 5 milliliters of lemon juice, for the hamburger

– 2 cloves of garlic, minced, for the hamburger

– 1/4 onion, chopped, for the burger

– Maggi juices, for the hamburger

– Worcestershire sauce, for the hamburger

– 6 slices of yellow cheese

– 1 egg, for the hamburger


– Mix all the ingredients for the hamburger. And shape it into a hamburger.

– Cook the meat on the grill or in a frying pan and put a slice of cheese on it.

– Put the bread also in the pan or grill to warm it up.

– Assemble the burgers by adding Avo Great Spicy on top of the meat.



For this recipe you can use Avo-King frozen avocado slices

– 125g of dark chocolate

– 4 avocado slices

– 20g cocoa powder

– 125 ml almond milk

– 3mil vanilla essence


– To prepare this delicious avocado dessert we start by chopping the chocolate to melt and placing it in a microwave-safe bowl. We give it short heat strokes, 30 seconds each, and stir between them. Let it cool a little

– The 4 cuts of Avo-King avocado. Place them in a blender and add the cocoa powder, almond milk and vanilla essence. Blend until you obtain a homogeneous mixture in which the avocado pieces are not noticeable.

– Then add the melted chocolate and blend again. We taste the point of our mousse and sweeten it with honey to taste. Add a small amount, mash, taste and, if necessary, add more. We do this until we obtain the sweetness we like. Let stand in cold for six to eight hours so that it loses the avocado flavor and takes on body before decorating and serving.

Extra recommendation: If you are in a hurry, choose your favorite Avo-King guacamole, a couple of tortilla chips and enjoy wherever you want.


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